What is Zodion?

Zodion is a line of illustrations by Tori Meader which reimagines the characters of the Western Zodiac as bionic creatures, a mesh of organic and synthetic tissue constructing beastly vessels for the embodiment of these celestial personalities.

The Mission

Zodion is about changing the perception of this misunderstood concept. The Zodiac is common knowledge but ridiculed for being too fantastical, especially for the new values of the modern world. Zodion proposes a new futuristic take on the Zodiac; converting all the characters to genderless beasts in order to reduce any sense of bias or stereotyping between each character. Each character is a bionic hybrid of organic and synthetic tissues, making them ageless and in line with the trend of scientific developments of today’s society.

The illustrations are designed to be subtle embodiments of the Zodiac signs, allowing the art itself to be the most important thing. The Zodiac elements are supposed to be noticed second, even third and fourth. The attempt to shed the previous notions and misconceptions about the Zodiac is only possible if the viewer does not see the Zodiac first; but instead is grabbed by the artwork and allowed to make their own ideas. The lack of explicit labeling also means that the viewer can feel free to own images that are not of their own sign, but of whatever character, or characters, they enjoy the most.

If the audience is indeed intrigued by the Zodiac story behind the illustration, Tori hopes that they will undertake their own research into Astrology and seek for themselves their own truth of what Astrology is, like she did.

For more information on Tori’s thoughts on Astrology and choices of the characters’ designs, feel free to email her and start a discussion.